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AKRO Fragrances | Ink 100ml

Ink 100ml Limited Edition

To celebrate our new product INK - a fragrance inspired by the obsessive thrill of tattooing and all the evocative smells and sensations that entails - we’ve got an incredible offer for you. The renowned London street artist Robert Bondar has personalised 100 tin boxes of INK with a rare custom design.

Each Ink Box is numbered from 1 to 100 and signed by Robert Bondar and Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp.

Limited Edition Ink includes:

• INK 100 ML
• INKBOX Tattoo Marker Pen Kit
• Certificate of Authenticity

For those who’ve fallen under the spell of this ancient art, it’s much more than a bit of body decoration; it’s a reminder of a time, a place - a fleeting moment that becomes a permanent memento. In many ways, a good fragrance works similarly - something you carry on your skin, to remind you of who you were at a moment in time. At Akro, we’ve always been fascinated by the parallels between tattoos and perfumery, which is why we’ve created our new scent, ink. Cold, alluring, with notes of black ink, tar, vetiver and jasmine - ink is a scent that will transport you back to the day of your first tattoo, whenever you want.

Notes: Vetiver, Black Ink, Jasmine, Birch

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